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One Girl,  one Dog, and ... a chain ? "Promène Ton Chien" (Walk your dog) is a prototype of a 2 co-op players game. Bring your friend and jump into a local and co-op adventure !

You two are chained ! So use cooperation and coordination to move through the crazy city.  Avoid obstacles, slide from building to another, take the hook elevator, move items with your chain, etc.

In this game, you play as “Alex and Bob”. Alex is a rebellious and energetic teenager on a walk with Bob, her brave and faithful four-legged (and a little crazy) companion. Just gone for a walk, they will be embarked in spite of themselves on a crazy adventure.

Required :

  • 2 players and 2 gamePad (PC)
  • System requirements recommended : Windows 10, GTX960 and 8go ram.

Crédits :

  • MonsterKid : gamedesign, leveldesign and development.
  • Sagrime : 3D artist and animation.

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Promene_ton_chien.zip 332 MB

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